Math Resources for Week of September 19 – 23, 2016 (Place Value with Decimals)

The Big Idea:  This week, we will REVIEW:

  • Whole number place value
  • Relating decimals to fractions  (1/10 = 0.1)
  • Relating tenths to hundredths (1/10 = 10/100 = 0.1 or 0.10)
  • Understanding place values to the right of the decimal (tenths and hundredths)
  • Writing decimals in expanded form (2.35 = 2 + 0.3 + 0.05)
  • Comparing and ordering decimals
  • Rounding decimals to the nearest whole number

Tuesday’s Homework

Still Struggling with Decimal Place Value?

Songs to Help You Remember!

  • Ordering Decimals Song:
  • Place Value Song: “Shake it Off”
  • Another Place Value Song
  • Rounding Rap!

Decimal Place Value Practice on

  1. T.1 What decimal number is illustrated?
  2. T.2 Model decimals and fractions
  3. T.3 Understanding decimals expressed in words
  4. T.4 Place values in decimal numbers
  5. T.5 Equivalent decimals
  6. T.6 Graph decimals on number lines
  7. T.7 Decimal number lines
  8. T.8 Graph fractions as decimals on number lines
  9. T.9 Convert fractions and mixed numbers to decimals
  10. T.10 Convert decimals to fractions and mixed numbers
  11. T.11 Convert decimals between standard and expanded form using fractions
  12. T.12 Round decimals
  13. T.13 Compare decimals on number lines
  14. T.14 Compare decimal numbers
  15. T.15 Put decimal numbers in order I
  16. T.16 Put decimal numbers in order II
  17. T.17 Compare decimals and fractions on number lines
  18. T.18 Compare decimals and fractions
  19. T.19 Number sequences involving decimals

Decimal Place Value Practice on Khan Academy

  1. Decimals in Words
  2. Decimals on a Number Line – Tenths part 1
  3. Decimals on a Number Line Tenths part 2
  4. Decimals on a Number Line – Hundredths part 1
  5. Decimals on a Number Line – Hundredths part 2
  6. Rewrite Fractions as Decimals
  7. Rewrite Decimals as Fractions
  8. Write a Number as a Fraction and a Decimal
  9. Place Value for Decimals Greater than 1
  10. Compare Decimals (part 1)
  11. Compare Decimals Visually (part 2)
  12. Compare Decimals and Fractions (part 3)

Challenge Activities & Extra Practice



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